16 September 2012

Exclusive Online Interview With Actress and Model Christina DeRosa

I know it was a long time since I last update the blog because of some personal problems which I hope it lasts soon , Today I am very proud to present you an exclusive interview with the gorgeous Christina DeRosa , the star of many successful films and the actress who did the famous scene in the film Run! Bitch Run! with actress and great friend Ivet Corvea whom i did an exclusive interview with her two years ago, I am very grateful for Christina for accepting to answer my questions and I wish her all the luck and success and love in the world.

Onset in India shooting movie "The Black Russian" 2011

AraSoles: It is not listed on imdb.com your birth date, Would u like to tell?
Christina DeRosa: My age is timeless.
In India with actress "Danielle DiLorenzo" 2011

AraSoles: How did you start your career in acting?
Christina DeRosa: If my memory does not fail me, I was less than 10 years old, just 11 years ago or so.  I always have problems with numbers.  By the time I was 10, I had already been in numerous theatrical productions and that’s when I met Natalie Portman, we became fellow munchkins together in The Wizard of Oz.  I can tell you that during our breaks, we would all sit in a circle, playing games and sharing secrets.  Natalie shared, she did not want to be an actress when she grew up and wanted to be a doctor like her daddy.  That was when her last name was still Hershlag, before the movie, The Professional.  Since then the medical world has lost a great doctor but the theatrical world, gained, an amazing actress who I hold the greatest regards and admiration for.  She inspires me to be a great actress.

16 May 2011

an exclusive online interview with Australian actress Linda Cropper

hi everybody , this is an exclusive online interview with Australian actress Linda Cropper , this interview was done through mails during January 2011 and i intended to publish it in the same month , but because of what happened in my country Egypt starting 25th of January and the instability that came after i didn't do any posting here on the blog , but today i publish this interview in celebrating Linda Cropper's showing of first episode of the second season of the Australian series Offspring , i wish u enjoy the interview and don't forget watch the show tonight

all my gratitude to Linda for accepting to do this interview

Cyclone Tracy 1986
AraSoles: It is not listed anywhere even on IMDB , what is your birth date , and where?
Linda Cropper: 1949 in Sydney.

AraSoles: When was the first time you think about having an acting career?
Linda Cropper: I was always interested in becoming an actress I joined all the school plays and someone suggested that I joined NIDA (National Institute of Dramatic Art) and...I did!

Cyclone Tracy 1986
AraSoles: How do you choose your roles?
Linda Cropper: I don't usually mind what role I play. As long as it's not too...unusual.

AraSoles: You did many mini-series in Australia and USA? but you did very few long running TV series, can i assume you don't like long commitments?
Linda Cropper: Well I guess, yeah, I just prefered to do short series.

30 December 2010

Samantha Ferris - Bonnie Root - The Ranch - 2004

| Susan Seidelman | "Tarantino u r not alone" |

29 December 2010

Juliette Lewis - Gaudi Afternoon - 2001

| Susan Seidelman | "Tarantino u r not alone" |