20 December 2010

Susan Seidelman | "Tarantino u r not alone" |

 100.000 Visitors
On Sun, Dec 19, 2010 my blog "Save Our Soles" received the visitor #100.000 since i start posting in April 2008 , i made this blog because i wanted to express my love for female feet in films and tv , sometimes i feel like i am doing a great job and that i can go on forever and sometimes i feel like i have to stop and only watch and collect , what makes me continue is the growing number of visitors , so today i want to say a very bigThank You to everyone.

In my journey through films and series i noticed that there r many directors that love to show feet just like our man Tarantino , and to my surprise most of them where female directors , today i begin with Susan Seidelman , she began her work in mid 1980's with independent productions then went to directs Hollywood successful films then her career faded away and the last film she did was in 2005 written by her mother and she produced it herself , celebrating 100.000 visitors each day till the new year i will post a clip from the films of the great Susan Seidelman.

Thank You all and Merry Xmas, Enjoy

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