26 April 2010

Ivet Corvea: my pretty little feet!

two years have passed since first time i post a clip on my blog "Save Our Soles", i thought i should have special celebration for my friends, so here is an interview i made (online of course) with actress Ivet Corvea about her feet, i contacted her through emails, and she was so kind and answered most of my questions, i wish to thank her a lot for being so nice and i wish to thank all the friends who commented well on my posts through the last two years, Thank You

AraSoles: it is not listed on imdb ur birth date and the place of ur birth , can u tell me more about it?
Ivet Corvea: I'm a virgo.... August 30th, I grew up in Pinar Del Rio, Cuba.  You can say I've had 2 lives, my childhood in Cuba and my adulthood in US.
AraSoles: how did u start ur career in acting?
Ivet Corvea: My acting Started in CUBA. When i was a little girl, every other week the neighborhood watch, would hold meetings, where the entertainment would be kids putting up a little song and dance show or even short play.  I was always involved!  I loved it.  When i Got to the US I concentrated in my studies learning the Language etc.  When i finished with school, It dawn on me that what I really wanted to do was Act.  So I moved to LA.

AraSoles: u r multi-talented artist , u act , u sing , u even direct castings ? what the career u prefer to have ur big breakthrough into?
Ivet Corvea: ACTING!!!!!!!! always and forever... everything else i do is just to help me become and be a better actress. I strongly believe all my life, every path i've taken, even every heartbreak is leading me to be the best actress i can be.

AraSoles: in ur latest film Run! Bitch Run! ur character Marla forces her hostage to suck her toes and seemed very turned on by that , do u think all she wanted was to humiliate her hostage or her feet is a real turn on for her?
Ivet Corvea: Marla's motivation is always herself 1st.  she comes from a very selfish place, i think her original purpose for that particular scene is to satisfy her needs.  (as a turn on) and of course also to humiliate her victim.

AraSoles: ur feet soles looked so sexily clean in that scene , did u have any special care for ur feet b4 that scene?
Ivet Corvea: For respect to the actress, I made sure my feet were cleaned.  I just wash them with soap and water.
AraSoles: i loved ur feet scene,though i don't like violence, so i wish u show ur sexy feet soles in more relaxed scene.
Ivet Corvea: Thank you so much! i will keep it in mind, My feet are also feature in the short film BACK ALLEY BUTCHER. they are tied up. also a little violent! lets hope my next film features my feet in a more relaxed way!

AraSoles: do u know that cult director Quentin Tarantino loves women feet and all his films has closeups shots of feet soles of his leading actresses like Uma Thurman , Bridget Fonda ,Sydney Tamiia Poitier and Diane Kruger?
Ivet Corvea: I do know that Quentin Tarantino loves women feet!  I LOVE HIM!  The female Characters that he creates are amazing.  He is the director that I wish to work with more than anyone else!  You can say he is my dream.  I picture myself running around half naked with corn rolls and barefoot killing people on his film....  (Its a beautiful Dream)

AraSoles: ur character Marla in Run! Bitch Run! showed her feet a lot , do u think that director Joseph Guzman has the same passion for feet like Quentin Tarantino ?
Ivet Corvea: I do think that Joseph shares Quentin's passion for the same kind of films.... and also feet!
AraSoles: do u think that a woman feet is a turn on for men just like her other body parts men usually turned on by like breast or bottoms or legs?
Ivet Corvea: I absolutely think that women's feet are a turn on for men! 

AraSoles: has anyone express his/her admiration to ur feet b4?
Ivet Corvea: OK here is the million dollar question.   Since I lived in LA, I've had a side job.  I'm a shoe model.  I have perfect size 6 feet.  I work for shoe companies.  When they present their shoes to buyers i wear them.  So, yes I have encounter admiration for my feet.  In every show I do, someone always comments on my pretty feet.  I must say it never gets old. 
I bet you have more questions about it so, ask away and I will answer gladly.

AraSoles: thx a lot , so what make u took job as a shoe model ? was it that u know u have pretty feet so u ask for that job? or is it that someone saw u have pretty feet and ask u to do the job?
Ivet Corvea: When i 1st moved to LA, I only knew one person in town.  He introduced me to his friend that was hiring and, when he asked it was a total surprise to me. But i love shoes so it was also an easy answer YES!

AraSoles: do u have special care for ur feet?
Ivet Corvea: I try to keep them smooth, so i scrub them on a daily basis, and i get professional pedicures often!

AraSoles: do u like ur nails painted or u prefer it natural? if u like to paint it what is ur favorite color?
Ivet Corvea: I love my freshly painted toe nails..... and my favorite color is  FIRE ENGINE RED!!!! 

AraSoles: what is ur favorite footwear and what color u prefer?
Ivet Corvea: I like extremely high heels, and sandals for comfort...  I have been wearing lots of boots this winter so Im partial to all styles... I have  a very extensive collection, thanks to my being a shoe model.

AraSoles: do u go barefoot at home?
Ivet Corvea: YES!  Im barefoot as much as i can!

AraSoles: have u ever seduced anyone with ur feet?
Ivet Corvea: Im not sure I have ever seduced anyone with my feet, but I know that they have been appreciated at times when i was being seductive...

AraSoles: have u ever got ur feet massaged, kissed or licked ? other than the scene in run bitch run
Ivet Corvea: I have my feet massage often, I love it, but its usually when i am getting a pedicure. Its a very relaxing and pampering treat for myself.

AraSoles: does foot play take a part when u make love?
Ivet Corvea: There has been a couple of times, where foot play was fun!  Where I got my toes sucked and licked.... I enjoyed it and would try it again if the opportunity came my way.... 

AraSoles: what do u think of foot fetishists?
Ivet Corvea: I think, to each his own... If you like it and it doesn't hurt anybody by all means do it up! And if anybody were to ask me to do a photo shoot with just my feet, I would love to do it!

AraSoles: what do u think of this interview?
Ivet Corvea: Its about time somebody publish something about my feet!  If you think about it, they have been a huge part of my life.  for the past 10 years i have traveled all over the US. making money working with my feet.  And they have been feature in most of my films.

Thank you so much for putting a little hidden secret of mine out to the forefront, and if you can have Quentin see this and put me in his film, well i would be forever THANKFUL!


AraSoles: i wish u all the love in the world
Ivet Corvea: And to you!


  1. Great interview. It's wonderful to have a beautiful woman like Ivet share our passion. :)
    Thanks a million.

    P.S.: Where does the wonderful sole pic of Demi Moore come from? Did she post it just for you? ;)

  2. thx a lot my friend, Ivet was so generous and kind replying my mails

    Demi's pic is not specially for me of course :) she posted it on her twitter page and i ask Ivet to do the same pose specially for the blog interview and she did it, she is a very nice person, i wish her all the best

  3. I love beautiful soles, and I must say that Ivet has exquisite feet. Wish it was me in the pic with that luscious, sexy foot in my mouth.


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