16 May 2011

an exclusive online interview with Australian actress Linda Cropper

hi everybody , this is an exclusive online interview with Australian actress Linda Cropper , this interview was done through mails during January 2011 and i intended to publish it in the same month , but because of what happened in my country Egypt starting 25th of January and the instability that came after i didn't do any posting here on the blog , but today i publish this interview in celebrating Linda Cropper's showing of first episode of the second season of the Australian series Offspring , i wish u enjoy the interview and don't forget watch the show tonight

all my gratitude to Linda for accepting to do this interview

Cyclone Tracy 1986
AraSoles: It is not listed anywhere even on IMDB , what is your birth date , and where?
Linda Cropper: 1949 in Sydney.

AraSoles: When was the first time you think about having an acting career?
Linda Cropper: I was always interested in becoming an actress I joined all the school plays and someone suggested that I joined NIDA (National Institute of Dramatic Art) and...I did!

Cyclone Tracy 1986
AraSoles: How do you choose your roles?
Linda Cropper: I don't usually mind what role I play. As long as it's not too...unusual.

AraSoles: You did many mini-series in Australia and USA? but you did very few long running TV series, can i assume you don't like long commitments?
Linda Cropper: Well I guess, yeah, I just prefered to do short series.

Cyclone Tracy 1986
AraSoles: I first ever saw you in "Cyclone Tracy" (1986), that was your first main role only after two years of starting your screen career but you looked so radiant and so self confident, tell me about the experience?
Linda Cropper: Doing 'Cyclone Tracy' was a lot of fun. I was more confident with movies because I had done some before that movie. It was so different to what I had been in previously.

Cyclone Tracy 1986
AraSoles: Most of your screen work is in TV, why so few films?
Linda Cropper: I guess I just prefered doing small TV Series. Movies never really inspired me I just liked doing little things. But that didn't stop me from doing movies. If they wanted me, I said yes.

AraSoles: You did a lot of work outside Australia, why didn't you pursue a stardom career in Hollywood?
Linda Cropper: Hollywood never really appealed for me. I liked smaller cities, where it was less noisy and I just prefered to be closer to home.

The Perfectionist 1987
AraSoles: What is current screen work you are on now or will be doing soon ?
Linda Cropper: Um...what I am doing now if shooting Offspring season 2. That's really all I'm working on right now. Doing a few other things but there not for TV.

AraSoles: Did you ever think about directing beside acting?
Linda Cropper: Directing always seemed so difficult. I just liked to be in the show/film and just told what to  do.

The Perfectionist 1987
AraSoles: Have you ever visited my country Egypt?
Linda Cropper: I did visit Egypt but it was only a short visit, sorry I didn't meet you! Haha.

AraSoles: Who you like the most from the actresses of your generation?
Linda Cropper: I don't really have a favourite actress. I just like working with them and finding out what amazing things they have done.

The Perfectionist 1987
AraSoles: Do you smoke?
Linda Cropper: I don't smoke. I used to when I was younger but not anymore...ish.

AraSoles: Do you regret anything in ur life?
Linda Cropper: Um...I regret nothing from my life. I am very pleased with how everything turned out.

Bordertown 1995
AraSoles: Your feet looked so sexily clean on screen , do you have any special care for your feet before shooting?
Linda Cropper: Yes. My feet are usually cleaned and made sure that no un-attractive marks there

AraSoles: Do you know that cult director Quentin Tarantino loves women feet and all his films has closeups shots of feet soles of his leading actresses like Uma Thurman , Bridget Fonda ,Sydney Tamiia Poitier and Diane Kruger?
Linda Cropper: No, I didn't know that.

Bordertown 1995
AraSoles: Have you worked with any director that you think he is like Tarantino ? i mean you felt he loves u to show your feet?
Linda Cropper: Um, not perticularly. But showing feet in a show or movie sometimes gives elegance.

AraSoles: Do you think that a woman feet is a turn on for men just like her other body parts men usually turned on by like breast or bottoms or legs?
Linda Cropper: It's different for all men. It depends

Bordertown 1995
AraSoles: Has anyone express his/her admiration to your feet before?
Linda Cropper: Haha, i suppose. Some directors like to show feet in their films, so I do!

AraSoles: Do you like your nails painted or not?
Linda Cropper: I prefer no nail polish. But sometimes it's requested that they are painted.

Samsung Mobile AFI awards 2010

AraSoles: What is your favorite color?
Linda Cropper: My favourite colour....would have to be Red

AraSoles: What is your favorite footwear and what color you prefer?
Linda Cropper: I like to wear highheels, that are normally a bright colour. Red, sometimes orange!

AraSoles: Do you go barefoot at home?
Linda Cropper: I do sometimes...normally wear slip-ons around the house.

Bordertown 1995
AraSoles: Have you ever seduced anyone with your feet?
Linda Cropper: Seduced anyone with my feet? Haha, no.

AraSoles: Have you ever got your feet massaged, kissed or licked ?
Linda Cropper: Um...I've had my feet massaged by a masseuse.

Bordertown 1995
AraSoles: Does foot play take a part when you make love?
Linda Cropper: When I make love? What a weird question! Um, I don't really know. It's just there, I guess.

AraSoles: What do you think of foot fetish?
Linda Cropper: I think it's a little weird. I don't usually take a liking to peoples feet.

AraSoles: What do you think of this interview?
Linda Cropper: I think this interview was a little weird! But it was kind of interesting.

The Seventh Floor 1994
AraSoles: Oh, I didn't ask you the most important question, what is your feet size?
Linda Cropper: My foot size? I'm an eight.

AraSoles: What is the question you was sure to be asked but a stupid interviewer like me forget to ask? and answer your question of course.
The Seventh Floor 1994
Linda Cropper: Umm, I guess the question I thought you would ask me was - How did my acting career start? And, your sort of did ask me that question anyway. But my acting career started basically at school. I joined all the school plays and some teachers noticed my talent. I was offered to join NIDA so I did and it was acting from that moment on. I had always been interested in writing plays but I realised that I was much better at acting than I ever was writing. So that's what I did.

The Seventh Floor 1994
AraSoles: And one last thing , will you promise me that in your next project you will do a scene that involves your sexy barefeet soles facing the camera?
Linda Cropper: I'll try and do a role that shows much more feet in the future! You funny thing!

AraSoles: I hope this interview has an impact on you that next time you show your feet in films or TV you will remember me.
Linda Cropper: I'll always think of you when I get a role where my feet are shown!

AraSoles: Thank you endlessly my dear Linda for your patience and kindness.
Linda Cropper: You're absolutely welcome for the interview. Thanks for asking me.


  1. Great interview. Very insightful.

  2. thank u, i am glad that u like it

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